One of the methods that can be used for termination of pregnancy is abortion with medication.
There are 3 different drugs that can be used for this.

🚩 Methotrexate,
🚩 Misoprostol.

These drugs are administered in the form of pills or injections. After a certain period of time after taking the drug, contraction of the uterus and opening of the cervix begin. Medicated abortion is a suitable option for more advanced weeks of pregnancy.

Receiving the pregnancy by the abortion method, if the pregnancy is large; It also means increased risks such as bleeding, infection and uterine perforation.

In large pregnancies, it is safer to use drugs that will increase uterine activity first, to ensure that the pregnancy is aborted, and to have abortion for the remaining parts if necessary. In line with the legal regulations in force in our country, it is not possible to terminate the pregnancies over 10 weeks on demand.

Pregnancy greater than 10 weeks approved by the health board, where pregnancy carries vital risks for maternal and infant health, is generally aborted in full-fledged health institutions.