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Abortion cost in turkey You can make an appointment without giving any information, ask all your questions, and have an abortion. Before and after the abortion procedure, you can send us all your questions or appointment requests from our contact number.

The abortion procedure during the first trimester is called suction curettage or vacuum aspiration method.

This method is a simple procedure in which your cervix is gently opened with sterile instruments called dilators. These are gently inserted into your cervix until it has opened to accommodate a thin plastic tube through which a gentle suction is applied. This suction removes the embryonic sac and the soft, thickened lining of the uterus which surrounds the sac. The abortion procedure lasts about 5 to 7 minutes.

At the Turkey, ─░stanbul Abortion Private Clinic, hospital /clinic safe abortion in Turkey for foreigners, we routinely perform an ultrasound scan to verify the presence and location of the embryonic sac before the operation, and also to verify with ultrasaound that all tissue has been removed at the completion of the operation. This ultrasound scan is normally performed while you are under anaesthetic.

Surgical abortion

Abortion cost in turkey The most common type of abortion is a┬ásurgical procedure┬ácalled a ÔÇśsuction curetteÔÇÖ. This involves removing of the lining and the contents of the┬áuterus┬áby applying gentle suction to the inside of the uterus with a small plastic tube. Surgical abortion is a safe and straightforward day-surgery procedure most often performed in the┬áfirst trimester┬á(up to 10 weeksÔÇÖ gestation). The procedure takes about 15 minutes, but you will need to be at the clinic or hospital for about 4 hours.
When can I have an abortion?

There are 2 different types of abortion that you could have based on your stage of pregnancy. The earlier you talk to your doctor or clinic about having an abortion, the more choices you will have.

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Pregnancy termination / abortion, is a very safe procedure. It is approximately 10 times safer than natural childbirth when compared in worldwide studies. It takes approximately 5 to 8 minutes and is most commonly performed in conjunction with a very safe intravenous anaesthetic, sedation anaesthetics. Approximately a third of all Turkish women have at least one termination of pregnancy.

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All precautions regarding Corona virus have been taken in our center. We pay great attention to mask, distance and hygiene rules. Our patients who do not vaccinate 2 doses have to come with the PCR test. ÔŤö

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