Abortion in Turkey / Abortion Costs in Turkey / abortion procedure in Turkey

Our assistants in our clinic inform you about your abortion procedures. Our assistants help you in every way. Our abortion procedures are performed by our specialist obstetricians (gynecologists). In our clinic, abortion is performed under sterile conditions in the operating room environment. Before Abortion in Our Clinic In our clinic, you are evaluated by our Specialist Doctors before abortion. You will be informed about abortion by looking at the gestational week with ultrasonography. Food and liquid foods should not be consumed 4-6 hours before abortion. After Abortion in Our Clinic After the abortion procedure, ultrasonography is performed again and the control is performed. You can be discharged from our clinic by resting for half an hour after the abortion procedure and taking your prescription drugs.
Your Abortion Period The abortion process takes an average of 5 minutes. The average length of stay after abortion is 45 minutes. You can be discharged after an average of 1 hour after the controls. Your Post-Abortion Checkups Do not forget that after the abortion procedure, you may have mild pain and bleeding as in your menstrual period. It would be beneficial to bring a companion and sanitary pads with you to your abortion appointment. Do not forget to use your medications after abortion and come to our clinic for ultrasound control 1 week later.

Abortion is a procedure performed with the consent of the patient. Abortion is not performed by force or without the consent of the patient. If the patient is over 18 years old and single, she can have an abortion with her own consent. However, if the woman is married, the abortion procedure cannot be initiated without the signature of her husband. Abortion is illegal for those under the age of 18. This requires the signature of the family. The abortion procedure is completely confidential. Third parties are not informed about this transaction. In order to have an abortion, the woman must sign a consent document if she is single, and her spouse must also sign a consent document if she is married.