Abortion price in İstanbul Abortion costs
varies according to the district, while many peripheral districts in the central region of low wages in price up to 5-6 times it is composed.

Where the abortion is done affects the price. It is important whether it is done in a hospital, clinic or medical center. The gestational week also affects the price. Larger pregnancy price is more. A new pregnancy abortion costs less.

Where made by a physician only where there are no medical personnel and the secretary work to be done before the process is complete blood count examination, blood coagulation disorders testing can not be done. The lack of room to relax the patient after the procedure, abortion procedures in the examination due to many factors such as nested case with other patients there is a little cheaper.Single people can have an abortion voluntarily. Married persons must obtain the consent of their spouses. This does not affect the abortion price. Anesthesia also affects the price. In the case of general anesthesia and local anesthesia, the price of abortion may vary.

Abortion istanbul can be done with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. In our center we use us in the form of local anesthesia. According to the type of anesthesia used vary in price …