Abortion Prices And Costs in Istanbul

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Where to find abortion pill in Turkey and Istanbul?
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Attention please Be careful ; Anonymous doctors and fake clinics you can find on the Internet pose a risk to your health. +90 532 054 46 23 Whatsapp line to get information about all examinations and procedures by contacting the certified gynecologist Dr.NUH who speaks English. You can always consult us for inspection and procedures.
We are a legal and safe abortion clinic for foreigners in Istanbul and a gynecological center licensed by the Ministry of Health.
About Price Information
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As a result of the rules determined by the TR Ministry of Health, it is forbidden to specify prices on the website. For this reason, please contact us at our contact numbers to get price information.


📌 Our clinic is in Şişli Mecidiyeköy istanbul

📌 It is finished in 10 minutes with vacuum method.

📌 Local or sedation anesthesia is given.

📌 It is done by a gynecologist.

📌 Painless procedure

📌 An antibiotic is given.

📌 We do the operation by vacuum method.

( It is forbidden to eat and drink 4 hours before the operation. )❗️