Abortion Prices in Pakistan

Abortion is performed until the 10th week. First, you will be examined by the doctor.
It is carried out by the vacuum method.
Our patients do not feel pain or suffering during the procedure.
Abortion is not prohibited, but a limited practice. In other words, it is legal to have an abortion if requested.
However, before an abortion is performed, the health institution must investigate whether the patient meets certain conditions.
For example, in elective abortions, the progress of the pregnancy is checked. If the pregnancy exceeds the 10th week, elective abortion is prohibited.
The operation takes an average of 4-6 minutes.
After your abortion, you rest in a private room. All materials used are “Sterile and Hygienic” for single use.
The technique to be used to perform an abortion is vacuum with curettage.
This is the safest technique and takes about 4 to 6 minutes.
We will take you to the recovery room where you will rest until you are ready to leave our abortion clinic (at least 30 minutes).
We will ensure that you are comfortable and that your bleeding is minimal. Before you leave our clinic, we will make sure that you feel well enough, that all your questions have been answered, and that you have received all necessary prescriptions and medications.