Eyelid aesthetic

Eyelid aesthetics aims to reshape the eyelids that make you look tired, sleepless, unhappy, sluggish and unhealthy and that fall in almost every individual over time. It is the most applied operation in the world, but it requires a lot of meticulousness.

Why is eyelid aesthetics necessary?

The eye and the eye area is the area where people focus on the other person while speaking. This is perhaps one of the areas that we observe the most when we look in the mirror in our daily life routine. We first notice the signs of aging around our eyes, and we begin to feel unhappiness due to the intense, sad and sleepy appearance that develops due to age. This situation, which develops due to the loss of form of the eyelids, changes in the appearance, tired and unhappy expression not only reduces the aesthetic appearance of the face, but also causes us to give a wrong message to those around us. It causes variation in gender, race and age, and the anatomy of the eye area. The structures around the eyes vary significantly between people of different sexes and races. Eye circumference sizes also differ in men and women. In women, the eyebrows and eyelids are higher and more arched, and the eyelid fold line is less pronounced than in men. In men, the eyebrow is more protruding and the eyelid line line is closer to the eyelid margin. In terms of race, Asian and Far Eastern people have a completely different eye and eyelid shape. In the light of all this information, eyelid surgery should be performed by specialist surgeons in order to create an eye and surrounding line suitable for anatomy.