Is abortion permissible?
Abortion is Haram ?

It is reported that the answer to the question is considered permissible for up to 120 days according to some jurists. According to other jurists, it is not permissible. In general, according to all jurists, abortions after 120 days are reported to be haram. Interventions made to protect and save human health in terms of religion are also reported as permissible. The legal limit in our country is 10 weeks. Abortion after 10 weeks cannot be done except for compulsory health problems. Abortion is usually performed in compulsory situations due to social and economic reasons. Sometimes it is done compulsorily because the baby dies in the womb. In general, unwanted pregnancies bring serious social and economic problems. For example, a pregnancy that will continue without marriage will deteriorate the psychological health of the woman deeply. Even if the marriage date is very close, it is very annoying to be exposed to gossip because of the gestation period. Since women have social responsibilities towards themselves and their families and premarital pregnancies are not welcome, they generally do not have the opportunity to share their situation with their