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Inner Lip Sagging

The sagging, elongation or increased width of the inner lips in the genital area is known as “labial hypertrophy”. In other words, labial hypertrophy describes the structurally larger, drooping, raised and wide genital lip parts.

Why is labiaplasty done?

The most common reason for labiaplasty is the sagging of the inner lips from the outer lips. In other words, it is done due to labial hypertrophy. It is also done in symmetry problems where one lip is different from the other. On the other hand, labiaplasty (revision surgery) can also be performed for people who are not satisfied with the results after undergoing labiaplasty surgery in different centers.

Why is labiaplasty done?

Depending on the progression of age, congenital anatomical deformations, menopausal births, sagging and enlargement of the inner lips and outer lips may occur genetically. Due to this sagging and growth in women, labiaplasty operations are needed because of loss of sensation and decrease in sexual reluctance.
Reasons for performing labiaplasty Some of the problems caused by drooping lips are: Shame and loss of self-confidence Disturbance in body image Pain due to stretching during sexual intercourse, feeling of pain Inability to feel during sexual intercourse (especially if the clitoris is covered with too much skin) Chronic local irritation Frequent vaginal infection Hygiene problems during menstruation and after toilet needs Sweating, odor and infection problems after exercise like fitness Rubbing while wearing tight pants Recognizing the genital area from the outside when tights-like clothes are worn Discomfort when walking, cycling and sitting