Who is labiaplasty performed for?


When I started to practice this profession, I saw that the aesthetic problems of the region can cause the problems I mentioned above. For example, the inner lips of the genital area (labia minor) can be structurally asymmetrical, large and drooping. What will happen, you can say closed zone. But it’s not like that at all. The parts that should not normally touch the underwear cause itching and irritation when touched. This look is trying to be hidden with a special swimsuit in the summer period. There is also the psychological dimension of the matter. People with this problem do not even want to see their genitals. This psychological state causes problems between spouses. With labiaplasty surgery, also called inner lip aesthetics, women can get rid of these complaints. This condition is definitely not a disease, it is just an abnormal structure that causes discomfort. It is the most performed operation among all sexual aesthetic (genital area aesthetic) surgeries.