Laser Hymenoplasty | Laser Hymen Surgery in Istanbul | Hymen Repair by Laser

We are using Laser surgery techniques for more precision in control, less blood loss, less risk and quick recovery.
By this method, your hymen is repaired not for a certain time; it is so as to be for a lifetime by two different permanent tissues. In the double layer flap method that I apply, there will be also a tightening in vagina; nobody will understand you had a sexual intercourse before.

We Know And Care For Your Situation

Since we know the importance of hymen repair surgery for you, we give great importance to you and this operation. We also know that this surgery is a difficult decision made by you, and we want you to know that the patient confidentiality is very important for us, too.

The result of hymen repair by laser is not different from the result of classical hymen repair; only the patient’s comfort and healing process accelerate.
You should stay away from sport activities for 1 month after surgery, but you can continue your normal life.
If the hymen repair will be performed with temporary method, both plastic surgeons and gynecologists can do this.

Can The Hymen Be Repaired Again?

By way of permanent repair yes, it can be repaired even several times, the hymen can be created again. This situation is also valid for the hymen repair.

Hymenoplasty is a simple clinical procedure performed in a health centre under local anesthetic with sedation or under general anesthesia.

Following your hymenoplasty surgery, you should wash the area with soap and water on a regular basis. Slight swelling and bruising will occur for 2-4 weeks, but pain should be low and disappear within a week of surgery. To help with any pain and to avoid infection, you will be given a prescription for pain medicine and antibiotics.

The Hymenoplasty surgery takes 40 to 50 mins to complete.
The success rate for Hymenoplasty surgery in Istanbul is around 98%.
The Hymenoplasty surgery is performed under anesthesia. Hence, Hymenoplasty surgery is not painful.

Please contact our center and all of your information, including your treatment, is completely confidential in the context of your statutory rights (RG 01.08.1998.23420). It is not possible to give information about your disease and treatment to third parties.

We are safe, boutique and legal Hymen Repair Clinic for foreigners.

We can do the  hymenoplasty surgery for people with non Turkish nationalities .

To learn more about hymenoplasty or to schedule an an appointment with one of our doctors, please call us.

Depending on why you might request hymenoplasty, this may be a delicate subject to discuss. Rest assured that our doctors are familiar with the many reasons patients ask for this procedure, and fully understand your discomfort and shyness in regard to this subject. It’s your body. We want to help make you as comfortable and confident with it as possible.
Our hospital is located in europian  side of Istanbul. 15 minutes driving distance from the airport. All processes are prac