Permanent hymenoplasty by laser Laser hymen repair istanbul

Hymen repair or hymen reconstruction is a surgical procedure for repairing the delicate hymen membrane.

If you’re an out of Turkey İstanbul patient, we’ll do your initial consultation over the phone, Whatsapp / Viber or e-mail and then you may choose a date for your surgery.

In the hymen repair operation by laser, the laser cuts tissues instead of surgically, thus as well as less bleeding will be, the healing process also becomes faster.

Your laser permanent hymenoplasty will be performed by our gynecological surgeon and İstanbul Vital clinic director, Dr. Noah Gumustekin . DR Gumustekin  is a specialist aesthetic gynaecologist and has trained at some of the world’s leading hospitals in all aspects of gynaecology.
Dr Noah is known for her caring, patient-centred approach, supporting all her patients and she always strives to optimise patient outcomes at stages of the patient journey.

The hymenoplasty prices vary by operation technique, anesthesia type, surgeon, price policy of the clinic or hospital, and even the city or locale of that clinic or hospital.

For restoration of hymen, it is unimportant when the individual lost her virginity and how many times she has had sexual intercourse. The hymen can be restored temporarily shortly before wedding and sexual intercourse.

After the surgery, the patient can leave on the same day as it is a daycare procedure. The aesthetic surgeon prescribed medications and instruct on the aftercare to progress the healing and recovery period. No scarring is visible after the surgery.

Permanent and temporary Hymen Stitching is done in our clinic. We are in the center of Istanbul. We are suturing the hymen with laser and flap method. Operation is guaranteed.
Please trust us and our team. We are at your service with experienced and relevant health personnel.

Our doctors are doing hymen surgery to dozens of patients from Turkey and abroad every day.