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After the hymenoplasty  procedure

We Know And Care For Your Situation

Since we know the importance of hymen repair surgery for you, we give great importance to you and this operation. We also know that this surgery is a difficult decision made by you, and we want you to know that the patient confidentiality is very important for us, too.

We are safe, boutique and legal Hymen Repair Clinic for foreigners.

Following your hymenoplasty surgery, you should wash the area with soap and water on a regular basis. Slight swelling and bruising will occur for 2-4 weeks, but pain should be low and disappear within a week of surgery. To help with any pain and to avoid infection, you will be given a prescription for pain medicine and antibiotics.
Istanbul’s surgeons and hospitals are considered to perform the safest Hymenoplasty surgery.

During 1 week after the operation, sports should not be performed, heavy items should not be carried and should not be entered into the pool or sea.
It will take you around six weeks to fully heal after your hymenoplasty surgery. There will be no convincing proof of surgery, and it will be hard to tell between a natural and a reconstructed hymen.

The sutures dissolve on their own over the next few weeks, leaving the hymen intact without any visible scars.

Please contact our center and all of your information, including your treatment, is completely confidential in the context of your statutory rights (RG 01.08.1998.23420). It is not possible to give information about your disease and treatment to third parties.

We can do the  hymenoplasty surgery for people with non Turkish nationalities .


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