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There is no side effect of any type on your health.It is completely safe and 100% successful and guarantee bleeding💯

Does hymenoplasty guarantee bleeding?
 İs the best and guarantee method !💯

Temporary repair of hymen is suturing of hymen within 1-7 days before sexual intercourse or marriage. It’s not recommended earlier than 7 days before. Otherwise, temporary sutures will spontaneously dissolve. For this reason, the procedure is usually performed 3 or 5 days before the intercourse.

Temporary hymen repair process, takes about 10-15 minutes. Permanent virginity membrane prepair, when done by flap method takes 30-40 minutes.

A few days after the operation, mild bleeding may occur in the form of staining. If mild tingling pain occurs in the first day, simple painkillers can be received.

Prices, costs and pricing conditions in temporary hymen repair vary depending on the gynecologist, clinic, operation type and anesthesia method. Operations last very short and quite painless. For this reason, local anesthesia is mostly enough. However, anesthesia cost affects pricing if general anesthesia is preferred. You can consult your gynecologist.

After the procedure, you must take the doctor’s advise seriously and you must protect yourself and avoid any heavy sports and also to protect yourself from any movements that will cause excessive leg opening.
Hymen examination will not be understood unless it is done by a specialist physician and it is very difficult or even impossible for the partner to notice. ⛔

Depending on why you might request hymenoplasty, this may be a delicate subject to discuss. Rest assured that our doctors are familiar with the many reasons patients ask for this procedure, and fully understand your discomfort and shyness in regard to this subject. ✴