Vagina Aesthetics Istanbul
Vaginal Aesthetics Cost

Dr.Nuh Gümüştekin
Şişli Istanbul
Price : 500 usd _700 usd

What are the common genital plastic surgeries?
Labiaplasty (Genital area lip aesthetics)
Surgical vaginal tightening surgery (vaginoplasty) Perineoplasty (correction of the perineum)
Clitoral hudoplasty (thinning of the clitoris bump)
Puboplasty (reduction of the pubis crest)

Apart from the aesthetic appearance, there may also be functional problems, especially when it comes to the vagina. An enlarged vagina causes sexual pleasure problems in both men and women. In this case, the problem is not psychological, but physical; solution is possible with genital aesthetic operations.

Vaginal aesthetics are aesthetic operations related to the genital area. Vaginal aesthetics is a special field of cosmetic gynecology. Vagina Aesthetics Vaginal aesthetics generally refers to aesthetic operations related to the genital area. For this reason, vaginal aesthetics and ‘genital aesthetics’, ‘genital aesthetics’, ‘genital aesthetics’ and ‘vaginal aesthetics’ mean the same thing. Vaginal aesthetic surgeries are a special field of cosmetic gynecology. Most of the surgeries and applications related to vaginal aesthetics are performed by gynecologist doctors (Gynecologists and obstetricians) in our country and all over the world.

Congenital anatomical deformations can be done in order to eliminate structural changes due to factors such as age-menopausal births and to increase the quality of life.