Vaginal aesthetic surgeries are operations performed to eliminate the external appearance, deformity or enlargement problems that occur in the vaginal canal, which are congenital or occur later with age in the genital area in women. Vaginal aesthetic operations eliminate these aesthetic problems, so that the self-confidence of the woman is restored, concentration disorder during sexual intercourse and ultimately sexual pleasure increase. In addition to all these, gains such as gaining the freedom to wear the desired clothes such as tight trousers and bikinis, and being able to move freely in social environments such as swimming in the pool or the sea are also achieved. Vaginal aesthetics is very safe in terms of surgical risks, the success rate is very high and there is almost no patient who is not satisfied with the result of the surgery.

What are the benefits of vaginal tightening surgeries?

You will feel more comfortable in social environments, your self-confidence will increase, and you will not worry about your new relationships. You will get rid of the negativities you experience during sexual intercourse. Your sexual pleasure and desire will increase with your vagina tightening and returning to normal sizes. Your problem of sound coming from the vagina will end. For this reason, you will not be ashamed of your spouse, your concentration will increase in sexual intercourse. You will be more comfortable when you wear tight pants, tights, bikinis and swimsuits. You won’t have to fix and change your underwear as often. You will get rid of vaginitis and vaginal discharge that you cannot cope with despite all kinds of treatment and prevention. Your genital area will now stay dry. At the beginning of sexual intercourse, the barrier of the labia will be removed in the penetration of the penis into the vagina. You will have easy sexual intercourse.