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Gynecologist Dr Nuh Gümüştekin

The term vagina rejuvenation (vaginal rejuvenation) is an expression used in recent years. Vaginal rejuvenation is an expression given to all procedures that have lost their old form and firmness due to hormonal changes and destructions in collagen tissue or applied to the vagina and external genital area over the years.

Why is laser vaginal rejuvenation preferred?

Laser vaginal rejuvenation has many advantages. These; It is a painless procedure, it does not require anesthesia, there is no risk of surgery as it is not a surgical operation, it takes effect in a short time, it also provides a solution to different diseases and gynecological problems.

Who can be applied laser vaginal rejuvenation?

All non-virgin women who are active in their sexual life can have laser vaginal rejuvenation. It can be a solution for couples with complaints of vaginal tightening, enlargement and enlargement.