How is vaginal tightening surgery performed?

Dr.Nuh Gümüştekin
Price: 600 Usd

Vaginal tightening is an operation that takes about 1 hour in a hospital environment, under general anesthesia, according to the needs of the patient. After the surgery, the person is usually discharged on the same day or after staying in the hospital for 1 night. If no additional operations are performed on the vulvar area and labia outside the vagina, the suture marks of the surgery remain inside and the surgical scars are not seen from the outside. Since self-dissolving sutures are used, there is no need to remove stitches during the healing process.

If the width of the vagina is large, it will not be enough to apply radiofrequency and laser methods. In this case, the only solution is vaginal tightening surgery. Vaginal tightening surgery is a safe surgery with a low complication rate and day-to-day operation. You can have vaginal tightening surgery in the morning and go home in the evening. Although vaginal tightening surgery can be performed with local anesthesia, it is not comfortable for the patient. For this reason, I mostly prefer spinal anesthesia and rarely general anesthesia. After resting at home for 2-3 days, you can return to work life. During the healing process of the stitches, we prohibit sexual intercourse for 40 days.